The group that fought for (& won) Connecticut's BPA bans. Now running the CT Campaign for Toxic-Free Kids.



Annual Gathering:

Annual Gathering 2011
Annual Gathering 2011
Annual Gathering 2011
Annual Gathering 2011
Annual Gathering 2011

CSHC celebrates October 1, 2011 implementation of BPA ban in some children’s products:

CSHC celebrates October 1, 2011 implementation
Laura Anderson displays BPA-Free products.
Pamela Puchalski speaks with CSHC citizen advocates after the event.
Terri Eickel of IREJN chats with Representative Dick Roy.

Kick Off Press Event January 19, 2011:

Representative Diana Urban at 2011 Kick Off Press Conference.
Senator Beth Bye speaks about bisphenol-A in thermal cash receipts.
CSHC Coordinator Anne Hulick announcing 2011 bills to strengthen toxic chemical regulations.


Press Conference March 18, 2010:

Senator Meyer and Representative Reed speak with Dena Fleno and Ava after the press conference.

 Press conference January 21, 2010

Jesse Wagner, graduate student at UCONN, presented his research on toxic chemicals at the January 21, 2010 press conference.
Anne Hulick of the CT Nursing Association plays Toxic Chemical Whac-A-Mole to demonstrate the problem with trying to regulate one toxic chemical at a time.

See our powerpoint of older photos.

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About the Coalition:

Our mission is to correct the fundamental flaws in government policies that allow harm to our health and environment.

Our Goals:
1. Protect our health and our children, workers, communities and the environment
2. Support a Healthy State Economy
3. Enhance Security & Public Safety

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