One Step Closer to Safer Chemicals

Article from Safer States

Chemicals (and our knowledge of them) have changed a whole lot in 35+ years. But amazingly, the national law regulating them hasn’t. Thankfully, today Congress took another step towards righting this dangerous situation, and voted to bring the Safe Chemicals Act before the entire Senate for a floor vote.

Here at Safer States, we’ve been working for years in the states to pass policies that protect people from toxic chemicals. The Safe Chemicals Act is a critical piece of of the puzzle for overhauling the country’s outdated chemical regulatory system on a national level, turning these state protections into the law of the land.

Statement from Sarah Doll, National Director of Safer States:

“We are thrilled the Safe Chemicals Act passed out of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee this morning. Thirty years is a long time to wait for sensible standards for toxic chemicals. This landmark legislation protects people from harmful toxic chemicals linked to cancer and other diseases. We join the millions of parents, consumers, firefighters, nurses, doctors, businesses, and environmental health advocates in cheering this vote.

States are on the front lines when it comes to keeping their citizens and environment safe from harmful chemicals. The Safe Chemicals Act will help states determine what chemicals are safe. It will also protect the ability of states to enact their own chemical safety laws if stronger protections in a state are needed.

We are, however, disappointed to see that today’s vote broke down along party lines. States have passed chemical policies with strong bipartisan support. We hope Congress will realize that chemical policy isn’t a political issue — it’s a human issue.”