The Clock is Ticking

Time is running out for the Safe Chemicals Act to make it to the Senate floor this fall and we need your help. Will you ask public health champion Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to bring the bill to the floor this fall?

Here 3 easy steps to contact Senator Reid:

1) Send a tweet

Are you on Twitter? Senator Reid is too!

Click here to send this tweet now.

Dear @SenatorReid, protect my family & bring the #SafeChemicalsAct (S. 847) to the floor this fall! @SaferChemicals

2) Pick up the phone

You can call the Senator’s DC office at 202-224-3542.

If you are in Reid’s district and are calling from a 775 or 702 area code, call 1-866-SEN-REID (736-7343).

3) Send a message

You can send Sen. Reid a message through his contact form. Here is a sample message:

Dear Majority Leader Senator Reid,

Thank you for your continued dedication to protecting public health and the environment. I urge you to bring the Safe Chemicals Act (S. 847) to the floor this fall. I am concerned about the routine exposures American families have to toxic chemicals everyday. Due to our lax federal laws, we are not adequately protected from toxic chemicals in our homes, drinking water and consumer products.

Millions of Americans are concerned about this important issue and I encourage you to take up this important bill as soon as possible. Thanks again for your continued commitment to this important topic.

Thank you!