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Holiday toy safety – Coalition tests toys for toxins

December 9, 2008 Gregory Hyman, West Hartford News

A group of concerned citizens is warning area parents that some very popular – even ubiquitous – toys may be putting their children’s health in jeopardy… Read more

1 in 3 toys found to be toxic

December 7, 2008 Scott Whipple, The New Britain Herald

The Coalition for a Safe and Healthy Connecticut and its partners nationwide have released the second annual consumer guide to toxic chemicals in toys at HealthyToys.orgRead more

Are Your Toys Naughty or Nice

December 3, 2008 Amanda Raus, WVIT 30, NBC affiliate

The Coalition for a Safe and Healthy Connecticut is helping parents pick out safe toys this holiday season. Read more and see the video

Survey Finds Lead, Arsenic In Toys

December 3, 2008 Hallie Jackson, WFSB 3, CBS affiliate

A new survey has found that one in three popular toys on sale right now have significant amounts of toxic chemicals in them. Read more and see the video releases 2008 safe toy report

December 3, 2008 Christine Stuart, CT News Junkie

West Hartford mom Elizabeth O’Neill waited patiently Wednesday afternoon as Chris Corcoran used a handheld X-ray fluorescent light to test her kids’ toys. Read more

It’s no game: Some toys declared toxic

December 2, 2008 Jill Bodach, Norwalk Hour

Some of the most popular toy brands, including High School Musical, made this year’s unsafe toy list. Read more

Hartford Courant calls for limits on BPA

September 23, 2008 Hartford Courant

The Hartford Courant published an editorial on Sept. 23, taking a strong stand against the FDA’s position on the safety of Bisphenol-A. Read more The editorial questions the FDA’s refusal to adjust its position – asserting that BPA is safe – in the face of increasing scientific evidence that the chemical can cause serious health problems for humans.

Toxin Avengers

May 15, 2008 Hartford and New Haven Advocate

Yale panel discusses problem chemicals in personal care products. Read More

Legislative Session 2008

May 8, 2008 The Hartford Courant

Toy Safety: Advocates are hailing the Senate’s passage of legislation that would remove lead and asbestos from children’s toys starting next year…

Congress’ Chemical Concerns

Week of May 8, 2008 National Public Radio

Powerful Congressional committees want to know what’s gone wrong with toxic chemical regulation and the science that’s needed to safeguard public health. Living on Earth’s Jeff Young tells us the wave of investigations are tied to public outrage over potentially toxic baby bottles. Read more.

Retailers yanking plastic bottles

May 4, 2008 New Haven Register

Amid growing concern about the chemical used to make some hard plastic bottles, the store has stopped selling Nalgene bottles and is completely sold out of what is considered a safe alternative, Sigg aluminum water bottles. Read More

Hazards to kids

Friday, May 2, 2008 Letter to the Editor by Annamarie Beaulieu, MPH, The Stamford Advocate

Thankfully, a very significant first step toward safer children’s products in Connecticut was taken this week as the state House of Representatives passed a bill reducing permissible levels of lead in children’s products (editorial, April 28). Regardless of what side of the “toxic toy” controversy one supports, this latest effort to protect children’s health from a substance that is indisputably unsafe at any level of exposure should be applauded. ….Read More

Duff, Advocacy Groups Seek Toxic-Free

February 4, 2008 By Jill Bodach The Norwalk Hour

State advocacy groups are hoping the legislature will pass a bill that will keep toys with lead and other toxins from reaching retail shelves in Connecticut. Read more.

Going Green, One Shade at a Time

January 21. 2008 By Maria Sanzo, MSN, RN, CPN, with Kathy Visinski, MSN, RN Advance for Nurses

Common household cleaners and other items pose potentially serious health risks to you and your family……Read More

Group Urging ‘Green’ Cleaning

November 22, 2007 By Daniel E. Goren The Hartford Courant

Connecticut Coalition for Environmental Justice (CCEJ) members to demonstrate with mops and brooms before Hartford City Council meeting, urging the adoption of a “Green Cleaning Resolution”…. more

Dangerous Chemicals Found in Connecticut Moms

November 21,2007 by ERIC PARKER Eye Witness News 3

Mothers tested for a variety of toxic chemicals receive startling results. Includes VIDEO…read more

Biomonitoring: What Lies Within

November 21,2007 By NANCY K. CREVIER The Newtown Bee…read more

NEWS at Ten Visits the Hartford City Council

November 20, 2007 By JOHN CARLTON Fox 61 News at Ten

Green Resolution Cleans Up at Hartford City Council. Watch Video

Be Afraid of What You’re Made Of, Study Says

November 8, 2007 By WILLIAM HATHAWAY The Hartford Courant…read more

Toxics are US

November 8, 2007 By MELINDA TUHUS The New Haven Independent

Senator Toni Harp participates in biomonitoring project …..Read More

What Chemicals are We Exposed to Daily?

November 8, 2007 NECN

To watch the video, click on the link, then scroll down in the box until you see a Rubber Ducky

Connecticut Mothers Test Positive for Toxins

October 12, 2007 By JILL BODACH Norwalk Hour

A report released Thursday by two consumer advocacy groups gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “kiss of death.”

Swear Off Cosmetics Until We Are Sure They Are Safe

October 17, 2007 By SUSAN CAMPBELL Hartford Courant

Meanwhile, back on Earth, a mother’s lipsticked kiss shouldn’t be dangerous. There is no safe level of lead in the body, said Mitchell.

BREAKING NEWS: Report: Lead Found in Lipstick

October 12, 2007 By JILL BODACH Norwalk Hour

A report released Thursday by two consumer advocacy groups gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “kiss of death.”

Kemp Urges Use of Healthy Products

September, 2007, The Berlin Citizen

The usage of healthy cleaning products and practices has been recommended for adoption by the Town Council, according to Roger L. Kemp, Town Manager. Many levels of government have adopted such policies as improper cleaning products and practices may result in potential negative impacts on both human health and the environment.

Activists: Children At Risk From Pesticides

April 19, 2007 By JOEL LANG Hartford Courant Staff Writer
A lawn or playing field treated with chemical pesticides is like a grass “rug on drugs” that endangers children’s health, Dr. Jerome Silbert, a pathologist turned environmental activist said… Read more.

Bills expand schools pesticide ban

April 18, 2007 KEN DIXON
HARTFORD Health professionals teamed up with several lawmakers Wednesday to support pending legislation that would ban toxic lawn pesticides at middle and high schools. State law prohibits the chemicals at public and private preschools and elementary schools, but advocates say the bill should be expanded. Read more.

Earth Day Call to Action: Protect CT School Children from Toxic Pesticides

April 17, 2007 Coalition for a Safe and Healthy Connecticut Press Release
(Hartford, CT) In keeping with the spirit of Earth Day, Connecticut legislators, health professionals and child advocates gathered today to urge passage of bills that would help protect children from toxic lawn pesticides used on school grounds.

Coalition warns of dangerous chemical in children’s cosmetics

February 15, 2007, Page A01 by Jeffery Kurz, Record-Journal staff
MERIDEN – The products’ names are cuddly enough – such as Huggies Natural Care Baby Wash Gentle and Tear Free, or Johnson’s Tigger Bath Bubbles – but they’re now the focus of a toxic debate.
A new Connecticut health coalition is warning consumers that the products contain a potentially cancer-causing chemical. The coalition is calling for tighter government regulation of products marketed for children and for the cosmetics industry. Read more.

1,4-dioxane: It’s nasty stuff

February 16, 2007 Commentary Jeffery Kurz
The media has taken criticism for global warming coverage, by those who say too much credence has been given for far too long to naysayers, those who don’t think humans are to blame, or others who don’t think a degree change here or there makes much of a difference anyway. Now we’re watching things that aren’t supposed to melt melt. Read more.

The Hour

Saturday, February 10, 2007 By Jill Bodach

REGION — A newly-formed coalition of health, labor, environmental justice and consumer groups is seeking support for several bills that its members say would better protect the health of children and communities.

The Coalition for a Safe and Healthy Connecticut launched formally just a few weeks ago but already has a set of bills in legislation that the coalition and its member groups are supporting…Read more.

Kids soaps contain traces of carcinogen

February 9, 2007 Abram Katz , Register Science Editor, New Haven Register
American parents are unknowingly bathing their children in soaps and shampoos that contain traces of a probable cancer-causing chemical, according to tests commissioned by a coalition of Connecticut environmental groups.
Fifteen of 24 childrens bath products tested revealed small amounts of 1,4-dioxane, a compound the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency determined was a “probable human carcinogen” in 1995. Read more.