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#Tweets about Toxic Chemicals (already less than 140 characters for easy tweetability)

Common household chemicals r linked 2 over 200 health problems including asthma, depression, cancer, birth defects & more. #safehealthyct

Learn about ingredients to avoid, based on the science linking each to adverse health impacts: http://bit.ly/zKNLRH #safehealthyct

A study of teen girls by the #EWG revealed 16 hormone-altering cosmetics chemicals in their young test subjects. #safehealthyct

Phthalates are found in numerous cosmetics, often as a constituent ingredient of fragrances. #safehealthyct

New EPA rule will prevent thousands of premature deaths, create thousands of permanent jobs. The econ and env both win. #safehealthyct

New EPA rule will reduce mercury, chromium, arsenic, dioxin and acid gases from our air. Thank you EPA! #safehealthyct